About Us

About Us is because it is nicer to be a little more personal than just an anonymous e-commerce site. We are married, full time life partners, and can honestly say we are happy together each day. We have what some people consider credibility as we have been published in books and magazines, done work for big name brands and major museums, and even better, get kind letters from happy clients and customers. So with that said, we would prefer that 'About Us' not be about us, but about our designs which we hope you will enjoy, both as an artistic creation and as a unique, fine accessory. 
HOUSE OF KRISTINA ANDERSON is an American brand created to showcase a curated collection of our own designs, available at our wholesale prices. All of the pendants and earrings are our original designs. We had the incredible assistance of two master wax carvers, one in California and one in Washington state, to create a few of the larger, heavier pieces. The silver is cast by an American and hallmarked as solid .925 sterling silver. Orders are packaged and shipped from the U.S., and only to postal addresses in the continental U.S. at this time. The small shipping fee is per order, not per piece and covers only part of the real cost of shipping. People outside the U.S. can message us privately to see if we can accommodate orders from them on a country by country basis.  Distinctive stores outside the U.S. can do the same. 
We also offer the finest quality chains that are made for us by one of the premier American chain manufacturers. The chains are solid, hallmarked sterling silver with a layer of .999 pure silver that brightens the color and helps prevent tarnishing. They are made by the same factory that makes chains for the very big, well known name silver companies, but since we don't have those names and fancy stores, our prices are a fraction of theirs.  We use fine quality real stones from ethical sources and custom cutters that are personally known to us. 
Each order comes with a polishing cloth and a velvet drawstring travel bag in one of our handmade gift boxes. We will be adding more items, both silver and other mediums, that we design and produce, because designing and creating products are what we truly enjoy and are known for.  Thank you for visiting our online gallery because we hope our designs resonate with you and can be 'about you', also.